mercoledì 4 maggio 2011

Libya and the Imperial Re-Division of Africa

selected news from the world !  (obviously the agenda setting is considering only scaring news, thus that's what we have to eat for now...)
the propaganda map for this surprising 2011 goes like that: japan quake - lybia - osama bin laden
just to name few things, of course.
what's next?
sun tzu would say : "clamore a occidente! attacco ad oriente"

the following link and article for tonight:

ps. by the way i just went out to look for the moon and i noticed a strange big light baloon in the sky suddenly disappearing - in few seconds - as i am not the ufo believer and as we are obviously already inside a full war i am wondering what the fuck is that. a device to discharge billions watt in the ionosphere? or a very simple invisible military airplane? it is grotesque. no answers. we keep our little life game inside the leela...